Your prints are more than just pictures on paper. They are a clear validation to your training, countless hours of hard work, skill and talent. Your photographs are expressions of your voice and unique vision. They are a testament to your dedication and to your art. 

Here at our lab, we are committed to helping you make prints that are truly exceptional that will be enjoyed and admired for generations to come. 

The paper we use combine the look and feel of Old-World handmade papers with industry-leading image permanence. 

Our Paper

Hahnemühle Bamboo is the world’s first digital fine art inkjet paper made from bamboo fibres, which provides a subtle texture to the surface. An environmentally-friendly option, the paper is particularly suitable for warm-toned prints.

Hahnemühle Photo Rag, a photographer favorite, is a popular choice for showcasing fine art prints. With a light texture that provides depth and intrigue, the paper is viewed as an industry benchmark for quality and beauty.

Epson Cold Press Bright is preferred by artists and photographers for its bright white, lightly textured surface. An acid free, 100% cotton rag paper, this is a great all-in-one choice for any image.

Legacy Baryta.  Experience the traditional feel and texture of a classic darkroom paper with your modern digital printer by using Epson's Legacy Baryta Paper. Using two barium sulphate coatings along with a microporous ink receptive layer this paper is able to replicate the look of a silver halide darkroom paper with a smooth satin finish. It is also an excellent paper on its own, using a 100% alpha cellulose base with a weight rated at 314 gsm and a thickness of 12 mil. Also, using minimal OBA content, the Legacy Baryta paper achieves a brightness of 93% and a whiteness of 90%. In order to maintain longevity, the paper is acid & lignin free and pH buffered.

Legacy Platine. Blending the traditional look and feel of a silver halide darkroom paper with a true 100% cotton fibre base, Epson's Legacy Platine Paper will help artists and photographers create vivid images with a wide color gamut and deep blacks. The smooth satin paper will provide a durable surface to work with, featuring a basis weight of 314 gsm and a thickness of 17 mil. Also, it forgoes the use of optical brightening agents to ensure longevity and as a side effect, provides a more natural color with a brightness of 85% and a whiteness of 82%. Additionally, it is acid & lignin free and pH buffered.

Legacy Fibre.  A smooth matte finish and phenomenal black density, as well as a whiteness of 98%, make Epson's Legacy Fibre Paper ideal for some of the most demanding fine art applications. Legacy Fibre uses a 100% cotton fiber base with a hefty thickness of 19 mil and a basis weight of 314 gsm. It also manages to achieve a high brightness of 93% without using any optical brightening agents. Leveraging Epson's microporous ink receptive layer, this paper will deliver images with a wide color gamut and smooth gradations. Additionally, for longevity it is both acid & lignin free and pH buffered.

Legacy Etching. Emulating the touch and feel of classic artist etching pads and handmade paper, Epson's Legacy Etching Paper offers a slightly textured matte surface with all the advantages of modern paper-making technology. This 100% cotton fiber paper offers users a heavy basis weight of 314 gsm and a thickness of 20 mil. It also manages an excellent 96% brightness and 99% whiteness without the use of any optical brightening agents. Furthering longevity, the paper is acid and lignin free and pH buffered.

Velvet Fine Art. A 100% cotton rag paper, Epson Velvet Fine Art provides a classic and high-end feel for your images. Using the Enhanced Matte coating, printmakers will enjoy a unique textured surface. Also, the paper features a basis weight of 260 gsm and a thickness of 19 mil. Along with this the paper has a rated opacity of 97% and a brightness of 94%. Designed to last, the paper is both acid free and pH buffered.

Exhibition Watercolor Paper Textured.  Traditionally mold-made with a cylinder using natural felts, this 100% cotton Exhibition Watercolor Paper Textured from Epson is able to provide a unique textured matte finish along with rich blacks, a wide color gamut, and smooth gradations. The paper has a hefty, professional feel with a basis weight of 320 gsm and a thickness of 22 mil. Along with these specs, it also sports a brightness of 87% and a natural whiteness of 81%. To ensure prints last a long time, the paper forgoes the use of optical brightening agents and it is both acid and lignin free.



All of our prints are handled with the utmost care so they get delivered to you at the highest quality.

4 x 6 ... $6

6 x 4.5 ... $6

5 x 7 ... $7

8 x 10 ...  $12

10 x 10 … $15

12 x 12 … $17

11 x 14... $17

12 x 18 ... $22

16 x 20 … $28

16 x 24 ... $36

20 x 20 … $40

20 x 24 … $42

20 x 30 … $52

24 x 30 …. $60


Please contact for more info for sizes not listed above.

Check out our Christmas Card templates here. Contact us at to get started on your custom cards! Starting at $3/card. Minimum 50. 

Our Ink

To print our products, we use UltraChrome K3 inks. With these inks, each photo print of ours has brilliant, long-lasting color with resistance to scratches and the wear and tear that come with time. These inks are incorporated with three unique levels of black ink and Epson’s color pigment technology; this revolutionary invention greatly improves black and white prints along with color prints. The stunning look and feel of these prints are unprecedented.


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